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Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

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Water accumulation within your air conditioning unit is a normal part of the cooling process. That’s why air conditioners have specific components that collect and drain condensation.

If your AC is leaking water for an extended period or the puddle is getting bigger, it could be due to a few issues that need professional air conditioning repair.

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Damaged Drain Pan

All air conditioners have a drain pan below the evaporator coils to catch the condensation that forms as humid air passes over the coils.

Depending on the materials the pan is made of, the pan can rust or corrode, causing the water to leak rather than pass through the drain line pipe that leads outside.

A certified HVAC technician can quickly remove a damaged drain pan, replace it with a new pan, and inspect your AC unit for any other problems.

Clogged Drain Line

Your air conditioner’s drain line efficiently carries water that’s collected in the drain pan, but these drain lines can easily become clogged with dirt and debris if your AC’s air filter isn’t changed often.

Old or damaged air filters allow dirt and debris to accumulate in the drain pan, gradually clogging the drain line pipe and causing the pan to overflow. If the water in the pan is left standing for too long, mold growth will also add to the clog.

If your drain line is clogged, a technician can clear the blockage and inspect both the pan and drain line to locate and resolve the leak.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Frozen coils are caused by either a lack of airflow or a refrigerant leak. Dirty air filters or coils, damaged fans, or a blocked return vent can restrict airflow. When there is a refrigerant leak, the remaining refrigerant can expand and freeze the evaporator coils.

You can’t repair a refrigerant leak and add new refrigerant without proper licensing, but there are two tasks you can try to unfreeze your coils:

  • First, defrost your evaporator coils by turning the fan on while the AC is off. On your thermostat, you should see that the fan is separate from the cooling function. Running the fan while the AC is off will allow warm air to blow over the frozen coils.
  • Second, change your air filter. Your air filter might be clogged with dirt and debris. Replacing it should allow unrestricted airflow.

If these steps don’t restore your air conditioner, a trusted HVAC technician can help.

Failed Condensate Pump

Condensate pumps are only used in systems in which gravity can’t move water through the drain line on its own. They are often seen in homes with a basement AC unit, apartment buildings, and commercial properties with multiple stories, like office complexes.

For these properties, a condensate pump turns on when a certain amount of water is accumulated from the coils. Sometimes, the condensate pump fails to turn on, and your air conditioner will begin to leak.

If your residence or business has a malfunctioning condensate pump, an HVAC technician can diagnose the issue and repair it quickly.

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