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HVAC System Warranties for Major Brands

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Nothing is more inconvenient and frustrating than an HVAC breakdown, especially during extreme temperatures. Thankfully, various HVAC warranties are available to help offset the cost of expensive repairs.

In this article, the HVAC experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning provide you with the ultimate guide to heating and cooling warranties. We cover the various types of warranties available, possible limitations, brands that offer warranties for their systems, and the best companies for home HVAC warranties. 

What Is an HVAC Warranty?

A warranty guarantees that repairs and replacements for your HVAC system will be covered for a specific time. The length and coverage vary from warranty to warranty, but all are protected by the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates and enforces consumer protection laws.

While manufacturers offer warranties to cover defective parts, there are other ways that you can protect your HVAC with a warranty.

Types of HVAC Warranties

  • Manufacturer warranty: Manufacturer warranties usually only cover parts as they are not involved in installing systems. Instead, they cover any defective part in the system for usually 10 years after purchase.
  • Extended warranty: Extended warranties often cover labor and parts. Typically provided by the manufacturer, these warranty contracts will often outline repair cost coverage as well.
  • Homeowners insurance: While not a warranty, homeowners insurance covers unforeseeable events like fallen trees or lightning strike damage. This also applies to systems already in your home, not just newly purchased units. 
  • Home warranty: Home warranties offer comprehensive protection for many systems and appliances in your home, often allowing you to customize the coverage you want and need. Home warranties do not limit coverage to new HVAC systems like homeowners’ insurance.
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Limitations of HVAC Warranties

Most HVAC warranties will cover defective parts but not the labor expenses resulting from their replacement. Extended warranties may offer additional coverage for compressors, condensers, evaporators, and other parts.

An HVAC warranty won’t cover maintenance items or damage caused by natural disasters like flooding, fires, and storms. There are several ways to void your warranty, including receiving improper installation from an unlicensed technician, neglecting annual tune-ups, or using improper parts for repairs and replacements. 

HVAC Manufacturers That Offer Warranties

When looking for brands that offer top warranties, some offer superior coverage:

  • Mitsubishi offers up to 12 years of coverage on ductless systems
  • Trane offers up to 10 years of coverage on ducted systems
  • LG offers up to 10 years of coverage on ductless systems
  • Lenox offers up to 20 years of coverage on ducted systems
  • Daikin offers up to 12 years of coverage on ductless systems

Best Home Warranty Companies for HVAC Coverage

When selecting a home warranty company, you’ll want one that comprehensively covers HVAC units, including vents, registers, ductwork, and annual tune-ups. Our top choices include:

  • Choice Home Warranty
  • American Home Shield
  • Liberty Home Guard
  • America’s First Choice Home Club

Tips for Researching Warranties

When researching HVAC warranties, consider these factors:

  • Length of coverage: Standard lengths of HVAC warranties are one year, five years, 20 years, and lifetime coverage
  • What is covered: Check the warranty for coverage of the compressor, heat exchanger, and controllers
  • Exclusions: Ensure you understand exactly what is and isn’t covered
  • Labor costs: Check if labor is covered when completing a repair that is covered under the warranty

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