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Heating and air conditioning costs add up to one of the largest expenses that people need to pay year-round for their entire lives. Many people dread replacing old or faulty equipment, but energy-efficient furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioning systems help to pay for themselves by reducing utility bills, adding value to homes and businesses, and generating cleaner air, fewer allergens, and better living and working environments.

Choosing HVAC Systems and Contractors

Modern heating and cooling options can save money by having better insulation, properly sealed duct work and more efficient equipment, which lowers operating costs and repair bills. Regular maintenance and inspections help to spot worn-out components, save money on operational costs, and make homes and businesses more comfortable.

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Typical heating and cooling services for residential and commercial customers might include the following services:

  • System repairs and maintenance services
  • Smart control systems to reduce energy expenses
  • Air quality control to reduce allergens, dust, germs and pollutants

Preventive maintenance services, cleaning HVAC systems, conducting inspections, troubleshooting inefficient air conditioning, providing service and repair, and selling and installing energy-efficient equipment are important for both commercial and residential consumers. Heating and cooling equipment that is older than 12 or 15 years probably needs major repairs or replacement to lower utility bills and ensure comfort during hot summers and chilly winters in Volusia County and Florida. Broken air conditioners and furnaces could have life-threatening consequences for young, elderly, disabled or immune-compromised people.

Energy and Repair Savings Pay for Upgrades and Maintenance

The main goal of HVAC service is to create a more comfortable place to live and work, but an efficient system also saves energy, reduces waste, allows remote control from mobile devices, and filters the air to help ensure better family health. Installing Energy Star equipment means that heating and cooling units have passed strict standards for efficient energy usage. Regular repairs and maintenance and keeping equipment efficient could save enough on energy bills to cover the costs of installation and service.

  1. Late-model HVAC equipment adds value to homes and businesses and makes them easier to sell.
  2. Regular maintenance, cleaning ducts and filters, and conducting energy audits result in lower bills and more comfortable environments.
  3. Dirty condenser coils and clogged filters make equipment work harder and malfunction more frequently.
  4. One nonfunctional part puts stress on the entire system and reduces operating efficiency.

What to Look for in a HVAC Contractor

Authorized dealers for respected brands of HVAC equipment generally meet stringent training and customer-service requirements, so consumers should look for contractors who have partnership relationships with respected manufacturers. The best HVAC contractors offer years of experience, training in modern equipment maintenance, and community testimonials about their workmanship and prices.

Choosing the right contractor could save thousands of dollars and eliminate installation problems, equipment failures and poor service. Some general guidelines for choosing the right contractor include the following tips:

Conduct a Background Check

Online resources may help consumers research contractors with local Better Business Bureaus, consumer-rating companies, Angie’s List, and local and national HVAC professional organizations. Legitimate contractors have a local business license as well as a state license number which is on all advertising.

Study Warranty and Service Plans

Find out if there is a warranty for labor and whether additional coverage kicks in after manufacturers’ warranties expire. Service or maintenance plans help to keep HVAC equipment running efficiently and safely, so investigate the service and warranty options to protect financial interests.

Determine Skills and Resources

Installing duct work, central air conditioning units and furnaces requires skill and experience not only to install the equipment but also to recommend the most cost-effective solutions. Choosing heat pumps, furnaces and AC units can be intimidating because there are almost 100 brands including full-featured, up-flow, down-flow and cross-flow models.

Zoning systems allow business and home owners to control temperature in each room to reduce energy costs and satisfy differing ideas of what makes a comfortable temperature. Business and residential customers need sound advice from reputable HVAC contractors to make good decisions. Contractors who employ experienced teams of technicians, fabricate sheet metal, and handle multiple equipment brands offer more balanced options for meeting consumer heating and cooling needs.

Consumers should identify their goals before talking to contractors so that they can focus more accurately on solving any specific heating and cooling problems. Buying a new system takes a 12- to 15-year commitment, so take the time to ask questions, research contractors and systems, and make an intelligent choice.

Maintaining an HVAC system usually involves dealing with equipment in attics and basements or other obscure areas, which often leads to neglect. However, keeping your system healthy and replacing older equipment offer many advantages for residential and commercial customers. These benefits include lower operating costs, fewer repairs, elimination of hot and cold spots, and control of air humidity. Always insist on written estimates, detailed proposals, customer referrals, and proof of qualifications before hiring an HVAC contractor.

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