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Prepare Your HVAC for Florida Power Outages

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It’s that time of year again. From late August until November 30, Florida families need to prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes that will result in power outages. Hurricane season typically peaks in September, so homeowners need to remain vigilant now more than ever.

Before a storm hits, it’s important to prepare all your home’s essential systems to help mitigate any damage. One home system that is particularly vulnerable to hurricane storm damage is your HVAC unit. This blog will cover everything you need to know about proper HVAC preparation during hurricane season so you and your family can remain safe, comfortable, and ready when a bad storm hits.

How To Prepare Your HVAC System Before a Storm

A crucial part of preparedness during the hurricane season is monitoring the weather channels and checking local news sources.

Along with home system preparation, you should ensure that your home is fully stocked with any items you may need in case of an emergency or prolonged power outage. These include medical supplies, non-perishable food, backup generators, and flashlights — to name a few.

Don’t delay your preparation when you’re notified that a bad storm is underway. Take the steps below to keep your HVAC equipment free of damage during a hurricane:

Inspect Your HVAC

You’ll first need to perform a general system inspection to ensure nothing is out of order. Several signs indicate that your air conditioning system may need repair services, including:

  • Poor airflow
  • Frequent short-cycling
  • High indoor humidity
  • Water or refrigerant leaks
  • Foul odors during operation
  • Unusual noises

You will also want to inspect for any signs of leaking or physical damage. Any unprotected wires will need to be covered.

Prep Your Outdoor System

If you know that a storm is coming, investing in a covering or tarp is best to help protect your HVAC system from storm damage is best. From flying debris to wind damage, getting hurricane straps for your unit would be a good idea.

Homeowners may also want to invest in concrete padding. A solid, higher base for their outdoor HVAC units will protect against any possible flood damage.

Pre-Cool Your Home

Stay one step ahead when bad weather is imminent by pre-cooling your home before the hurricane hits. By pre-cooling your home now, you’ll enjoy enhanced comfort and safety from heat and humidity — especially if a power outage lasts longer than anticipated. Try to cool your home sooner than later to prevent a forced system shutdown due to a power outage.

Turn Off Your HVAC System

Being able to have power during a storm or an outage is ideal. However, depending on the severity of the storm, it may be necessary to manually turn off your HVAC system. Once your home has been sufficiently pre-cooled and prepped for the outage, it’s crucial to shut off your system before a major storm comes in.

When your air conditioner is forcibly shut off due to a power outage or power surge, it can damage your unit’s electrical components, resulting in a shorter life span. Especially if this continues over time, your air conditioner can become unresponsive, requiring premature AC replacement.

Get Prepared With Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning

At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our team has offered the long-lasting air conditioning solutions that West Volusia County families have trusted for more than 100 years.

Our HVAC maintenance services help ensure every Florida family remains prepared, comfortable, and safe during a hurricane. By carefully optimizing your system for enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and reliability, we help maximize your likelihood of making it through the hurricane season without issue.

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