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The Benefits Of Owning a Gas Furnace

What is better for heating your home: a natural gas, or electric furnace? Good question! At Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, our HVAC contractors are experienced servicing a wide range of gas and electric furnaces. If it’s time to replace an old HVAC system and you can’t decide between an electric or gas furnace, we can help you take a look into the benefits of gas furnaces and why they may be ideal for your home.

Are you looking into heating installation options but don’t know where to start? Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning offers a free Home Energy Savings Guide to help you find energy-efficient solutions for your home. For more information, you can also give us a call, or contact us online!

Gas Furnaces vs. Electric Furnaces

When installing or replacing the heating system in your home, an electric furnace can be a tempting choice. Some electric furnaces can cost roughly half that of gas models, and they are easy to install and clean. However, some benefits of gas furnaces may make you want to reconsider your electric model!

Astor Gas Furnace

Which Will I Save More With: A Gas or Electric Furnace?

There’s no debate here: a gas furnace is undoubtedly more energy/cost efficient. From initial furnace installation to daily operation and energy cost, gas wins. At times, gas systems are up to 95% more efficient!

This is the major benefit to choosing gas over an electric furnace. Gas is less expensive to purchase, and the savings on your monthly utility bill can be much greater than what you see in the mail when using an electric furnace. For its efficiency, gas furnaces cost less to run while providing the same warmth and comfort of a more expensive alternative.. Year after year, gas furnaces are a better buy.

Are Gas Furnaces Safe?

What about carbon monoxide? This is a question our HVAC contractors receive often. Between gas and electric furnaces, you will not have to worry about ever having a carbon monoxide leak with an electric system. However, gas furnaces have evolved over the years, with safety in mind. Periodic inspections are also recommended or necessary in your manufacturer’s warranty, where a certified HVAC contractor is able to routinely inspect and confirm that your furnace is operating efficiently.

In gas furnaces, there is still a low risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why technicians will always check for leaks in ductwork, gas lines and outdoor exhaust. Modern units that are well maintained are just about as safe as their more expensive competitors.

How Often Do I Need a to Replace My Furnace?

Before you invest in any major home or business appliance, it’s important to know how long the unit will last. With regular professional care, most furnaces will last anywhere from 15-20 years.

The day you install your new furnace, look into scheduling routine professional furnace maintenance, as this is an inexpensive means to improving the operating efficiency of and durability of your furnace. In addition, regular maintenance may be necessary to uphold your manufacturer’s warranty, repair small issues while they’re small, and ensure that your furnace is in good working order, year-round.

Why Choose Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning?

Even in Florida, the winter temperatures can drop down into the teens, especially at night. You don’t want to break the bank trying to stay warm! Selecting a gas-powered furnace is an excellent way to save money, energy, and can be better for the environment, since burning coal is still the primary source of electricity.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter! With help from Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning’s trained HVAC contractors, you can feel confident  selecting an appropriate gas or electric furnace for your needs.

Are you looking for a professional furnace installation, want to schedule preventative maintenance, or have questions about your existing HVAC system? Since 1921, we have been proud to service the following areas of DeLand, DeBary, Orange City, Deltona, Lake Helen, Pierson, Astor, and Deleon Springs, Florida. Call today!

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