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Why Is My AC Unit Leaking Water?

Have you had your AC system cleaned in the past year? Can you remember when you changed your air filter last? If the answer to either of these questions is “no,” you could end up with a water leak.

While a bit of condensation is possible with most air conditioners, air conditioning units should not leak. If yours is leaking water, it could be a sign of a problem. If you are noticing unwanted water, here are some potential causes and solutions to pursue. As always, if your system isn’t working as it should, the team at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help!

Fluid Leaks on the Outside Unit

First, if the air conditioner is leaking outside, don’t panic. A small amount of water under an air conditioner is normal. It’s typically condensation. If the water is located near the drain pipe and is just a little bit of water, you have no cause for alarm. However, if the water seems to be leaking more than just a little or in some place other than the drain pipe, it could be a problem. Also, if you’re seeing fluid when the system is not switched on, then there is cause for concern.

Outdoor leaks may be caused by blockages in the drain pipe, which is a fairly easy fix. If refrigerant levels are low and the system’s coils ice over, you may notice water. Anything preventing air from flowing properly across the coils can allow water to build up and create what appears to be a leak. Removing the debris that is blocking air flow can fix this. Finally, the leak could be refrigerant, not water, which will cause the system to stop working altogether.

Fluid Leaks on the Inside Unit

If the indoor part of your air conditioner is leaking, the most likely culprit is the drain pan or drain line. Your system is set up so that the natural condensation will flow out of your home through a drain line after accumulating in a drain pan. When either one of these becomes blocked or damaged, the water can flow out onto the floor of your home. If your system is 12 to 15 years old, chances are high this is the problem.

A dirty air filter can also be a problem. When the air filter is blocked, air cannot flow properly over the evaporator coil. This allows the coil to get too cold and can lead to ice buildup. When the ice starts to melt, the excess water drips into the drain pan. If the problem isn’t resolved, the pan will overflow. Keeping up with your routine maintenance appointments will help prevent problems from dirty air filters.

If these aren’t the problem, another potential cause may be the condensate pump, which is supposed to move the condensation water outside your home. If it stops working, the water will overflow.

And if your AC is also blowing warm air, here are some more helpful troubleshooting tips!

Get an Expert Opinion About Your Leaky Air Conditioner

A little bit of water isn’t a problem with most air conditioners, but if you’re concerned and can’t find the source of the issue, you need to get professional help. Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing HVAC services in the West Volusia County area for over 95 years. Give our experienced team a call to discuss your leak and let us get to the bottom of it. Call us at (386) 337-3502 or contact us online to learn more about our air conditioning repair and HVAC maintenance services.

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