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Homeowners Guide To Orange City Compressor Parts

Posted on: October 2, 2015

How an air compressor actually works is a mystery to many of us. You hear it turn on when you move your thermostat, but do you really know what’s happening in the cube on the side of your house? Here’s a hint: of all the components of an air conditioning system, none is more vital than the air compressor. It powers your air conditioning in the summer and your heater when the mercury falls.  Expert and detailed advice about your air compressor or any other part of an HVAC system can be accessed from Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning.

The compressor is essentially the “heart” of the entire system. Your Orange City Compressor parts work together to pump refrigerant through a big loop into and back out of your home. Here’s how.

Orange City Compressor Parts Overview

Orange City Compressor PartsMost residential and light commercial air conditioning systems contain a reciprocating compressor. This is a fancy way of saying that it works with a piston-cylinder type of pump. Orange City compressor parts include a cylinder, piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, and various valves.These are all housed in a strong, protective shell (usually made of cast iron). The housing of the compressor also holds the lubricants that serve to ensure smooth operation. Outside this shell you’ll find a large suction line and a smaller discharge or exhaust line.

How It Works

Orange City compressor parts begin their magic cooling process on the downstroke of the piston. With this downstroke, a low pressure area is created between the top of the cylinder and the suction line. Cold refrigerant vapors rush to fill this low pressure space. On the upstroke of the piston, the valve to the discharge line is forced open from the increasing pressure of the refrigerant vapors. These vapors are then compressed and forced out the discharge line.

When the piston meets the top of the cylinder, the discharge valve closes and the piston begins to drop. This again creates a low pressure area for cool refrigerant to complete the loop.

The connecting rod attached to the crankshaft on one end and the piston on the other, changes rotary (circular) motion into reciprocating (back and forth) motion.

NOTE: as the outside temperature drops, a small reversing valve directs hot, high pressure air back into the home when you turn your heater on.

Additional Information

It is wise for homeowners to understand that the Orange City compressor parts use pressure changes to produce cool, dehumidified air. The low pressure (suction) side of the system allows just the right amount of refrigerant to enter the cylinder and discharges it at a higher pressure as exhaust. It is this pressure change, not magic, that is responsible for pumping refrigerant through the AC system. For specific information on troubleshooting problems with your AC compressor click What Makes An AC Compressor Stop Working?

Armed with a basic understanding of the inner workings of your Orange City compressor parts and the expert advice from the professionals at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning, the air compressor is no longer a mystery. From unit selection, and professional installation to maintenance and any necessary repair work, Jacob is at your service.