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Need A Deleon Springs Oil Furnace?

Posted on: October 18, 2015

It’s logical to wonder if repairing or replacing your old oil furnace is worth the expense in a Florida home since heat is not needed for very many months during the year. Ironically, rare use is the exact reason you need to upgrade your system to a new Deleon Springs oil furnace. Not maintaining the system or making necessary repairs can leave you out in the cold when you and your family need it most. Installing a new oil furnace can be quite dangerous and should be left to the professionals to avoid a potential fire hazard. Still, it’s helpful to have some idea of the installation process yourself for future reference. If your home is heated using a gas furnace click here for information specific to that project.

Out With The Old

Deleon Springs oil furnaceIf the old furnace was keeping your home warm on even the coldest of days, you’ll probably replace it with a Deleon Springs oil furnace with the same approximate output. The old unit will need to be dismantled and all duct work that may be in use should be inspected to make the heat system as a whole more energy efficient. If your home uses a radiator system, that will need to be inspected as well. This is where it’s especially important to hire a reputable company like Jacob HAC to install the new Deleon Springs oil furnace. Any damages to the radiator, fuel lines or oil tank can be swiftly repaired and won’t surprise you when you least expect it.

In With The New Deleon Springs Oil Furnace

Now that the old heating components have been taken out and the duct work or radiator is deemed to be in order, the Deleon Springs oil furnace can be installed and properly connected. A professional technician undergoes extensive training to detect and repair leaks in all heating systems. This extra step will help keep your home comfortable for years to come. With a guaranteed installation and adequate oil supply, a Deleon Springs oil furnace is a key component to indoor heat during the brutal winter months.

Cost Savings and Beyond

Now that you understand the basic steps of installation, it’s time to review some of the benefits of proper maintenance. In addition to proper heat availability when the mercury drops, properly maintaining your Deleon Springs oil furnace will save your fuel costs. When you don’t use the furnace all that often or if it’s been longer than six months since you’ve turned it on, dust and dirt buildup can weaken the internal parts and cause them to break down when you need them most.

Of course, a Jacob representative will make sure you are completely satisfied with the new oil furnace before they leave. This is the time to ask important questions. Have the technician walk you through the safe operation of the new furnace before they leave. Play with the thermostat to make sure the heat system responds the way you are used to. A friendly and professional technician will never be bothered by customer concerns.

Some HVAC companies specialize in either gas or oil furnaces, Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning is equally efficient in servicing and maintaining both for your convenience. Trust the experts at Jacob to meet your needs with all heating issues. From guaranteed installation, seasonal maintenance needs and any required repairs, Jacob is on your side.