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Top Lake Helen Air Conditioning Companies

Posted on: October 8, 2013

Property owners who are scouring the regional landscape for reputable air conditioning contractors should adhere to some basic tips and guidelines. If they are looking to have a cooling system installed for the first time, then they will need to ensure that all of the component parts are of the very highest quality. If families are instead looking to have a poorly functioning cooling unit repaired as soon as possible, they will want to find a company that can work on most manufacturing models. Hired contractors should also be properly licensed and certified.

Air Conditioner next to house

In most cases, property owners should begin with some customer references. If certain contractors have been given high marks across the board, then those businesses will likely be the best options. Workers who have received North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification will be equipped to handle any and all issues. Contracting companies that have completed most of their jobs on budget and within the targeted timeframe will also be attractive. Whether families wish to install state-of-the-art air conditioners or repair broken component parts, they will nearly always want to procure a price quote before the actual work begins.

Full installations should always use energy-efficient technology when possible. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees the Energy Star program. Products that use energy efficiently will receive a seal of approval from the EPA.

Evaluating Your Home

All reputable air conditioning companies will perform a comprehensive home evaluation before the project gets underway. Most evaluators will begin by examining the size of the house, the quality of the windows, and the available insulation. Poorly insulated houses will require more careful planning and a larger system. Large cooling systems, however, are not necessarily better. Contractors will be much more concerned with installing an all-encompassing system that is as efficient as possible. Technicians will also likely examine the duct system for evidence of leaks. Irregularities should always be corrected before the installation process moves forward.

As is the case with other large household projects, property owners should always ask for a written cost estimate beforehand. Itemized lists will generally offer a cost breakdown that will allow families to see exactly what they are paying for. Property owners may also want to ask for warranty details. If delicate parts of the system wear out or break down only a few months after they have been installed, homeowners will surely want a written guarantee that those component parts will be replaced free of charge. Procuring a detailed printout of the project timeline is also a good idea.  Industry standard is a 1 year labor warranty.  Manufacturer parts warranties will vary with equipment.

In some cases, cooling units that have functioned well for many years will eventually break down through natural wear and tear. If the refrigerant is low, for example, the system will not be able to cool the interior air with any kind of efficiency. Likewise, a damaged exterior fan will be incapable of removing heat from the house. Without a repair order, the compressor itself may become damaged. Faulty thermostats and frozen coils will need to be similarly fixed as quickly as possible. Obstructions and contamination problems should also be properly diagnosed before the entire system becomes defunct.

Potential Problems to Look For

Individuals who have recently bought a home in Lake Helen should also be on the lookout for other potential problems. If the previous owners used an unlicensed contractor to install the cooling unit, then faulty wiring may be a very real possibility. Because fire hazards should always be taken seriously, new homeowners may wish to hire a reputable contractor to examine the entire system. Bad wiring jobs can ultimately be corrected by experienced workers who are skilled with both mechanical and electrical tasks. Faulty wiring that is ignored for extended periods of time can eventually trip the main circuit breaker without warning. Damaging house fires can also occur.

In the end, residents of the Lake Helen area will surely want air conditioning units that are safe, durable, and efficient. Whether property owners are looking to install a brand new unit or repair an old one, they should always defer to trustworthy contractors who are eminently skillful in their line of work. With the air conditioning unit at last producing invigorating blasts of cold air, relieved Floridians can enjoy the warmer months in style.