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Does Your AC Use Deltona R410a Refrigerant?

One of the hottest topics (no pun intended) in the air conditioning and heating industry to date is the change in refrigerants now required in modern AC units. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand the difference in these two refrigerant types so you can make informed decisions about any repairs or upgrades that need to be finished before the mercury begins to climb. The knowledgeable team at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning should be contacted with questions or to schedule an inspection. Some of the main points regarding the new Deltona R410a refrigerant are discussed here so you have a better idea of the improvements that have been made.

The Tipping Point

Deltona R410a

If your AC system was purchased in 2010 or later, your unit most likely already runs on Deltona R410a refrigerant and the energy savings will continue. Pre 2008 systems might still run on the old refrigerant called R22, brand name refrigerant. R22 was discontinued for use in home and auto AC units because it contains ingredients which contribute to ozone depletion. For more information about phasing out R22 see How refrigerant Changes Affect Your Air Conditioner. The two refrigerants are not compatible, so an upgrade to the greener R410a is recommended.

Why Deltona R410a Refrigerant Is A Better Choice

Besides being mandated by the EPA, R410a is an energy efficient and more environmentally friendly choice for residential AC systems. The new refrigerant has the capacity to absorb and release more heat than its predecessor enabling your air conditioning compressor to run cooler. This will help eliminate the trouble with overheating on the hottest of days. Anyone that has ever had their AC breakdown in the middle of summer can confirm that reliability is never overrated!

New compressors that use Deltona R410a refrigerant are built to withstand more stress. You see, R410a operates at a much higher pressure, so your compressor was built stronger to keep up with the demands. All AC compressors require oil to act as a lubricant for moving parts. R410a uses a synthetic oil. Just like in your car, synthetic oil breaks down more slowly and operates more efficiently to reduce wear and tear on the compressor.

The Difference Is Clear

While older AC units might still be in good working order, beware. The cost to replace parts on these older systems will steadily climb as production stops. This can mean costly repairs down the road for an AC unit manufactured before 2008. With the many advantages of Deltona R410a refrigerant, the time to upgrade to an energy efficient model is now before the intense summer heat.

The environment, energy stores and your wallet are all reaping the rewards from this new refrigerant. A friendly technician from Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning can come out to your home and show you how to maintain these new units to further increase energy savings and reliability. Service, cutting edge air conditioning products and professional advice are just a phone call away.

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