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What Would The World Look Like Without Scheduled AC Maintenance

Posted on: December 22, 2015

Think back to the last time you really needed something and couldn’t find it. Or when you did find it, it didn’t work properly. Remember promising yourself that you’d take better care of household items so this didn’t happen again? By not keeping up with scheduled AC maintenance, you are probably breaking that promise. Maintenance performed by Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning will keep your AC and heating systems in tip top shape. Don’t risk being left out in the cold this winter. Call today!

The Trouble With WaterScheduled AC Maintenance

If you set your air conditioner to 78 degrees and ran it all year long, it would remove at least ten gallons of water from the air! All that water has to be able to drain. If it doesn’t drain correctly, it can corrode and destroy your AC faster than you know. By using a scheduled AC maintenance service, you can prevent costly repairs by ensuring clear, unobstructed drain lines.

Other Hidden Dangers That Require Scheduled AC Maintenance

Unless you’re a certified Electrician, you probably haven’t checked the voltage on outside electrical panels. And have you tested the heater’s electrical connections or calibrated your thermostat lately? Most homeowners don’t have the skill or time to keep up on these things on their own. Let the professionals at Jacob worry about these components for you. Scheduled AC maintenance includes these items and so much more. Every season the filters or air purifier filters that keep the air in your home free of dust and germs need to be changed. The condenser coil inside the AC casing should be checked and cleaned if needed. Making sure there is enough coolant and lubricant to keep your home comfortable is also a consideration. Ignoring any one of these parts can compromise how cool and clean the air in your home stays.

In a world without scheduled AC maintenance, cold winter nights will be miserable. Hot summer days will be sticky and sweaty. Family members will be irritable and cranky. And that’s just the beginning. Your AC system will cost far more than it should to run. The cost of heating your home will skyrocket. That sounds terrible, but it can all be prevented. Over the life of your air conditioner some repairs will be inevitable, but those repairs will be fewer and probably not as serious if you keep up on scheduled AC maintenance visits. Let the professionals take the guesswork out of heating and AC and save you thousands in repair costs.

Just like your car needs oil and filter changes at regular intervals, your home needs scheduled AC maintenance to operate at maximum capacity. The time to think about the health of your heating system and the air you breathe is now. Don’t wait until you need the heater and you find it doesn’t work properly. Give the friendly team at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning a call to arrange a visit. A professional technician will inspect all aspects of your air conditioner to make sure that all the pieces are in good working order and will stay that way. Keep your promise to yourself and protect a valuable investment at the same time. Call today.