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Does My Florida Home Need a Dehumidifier?

With the punishing humidity in DeLand and the surrounding areas of Florida, the summer heat can feel far worse than it is. If your air conditioner cannot keep up with the moisture inside your home, it may be time to consider a whole-house dehumidifier.

Is your home hot, humid, and uncomfortable? Call Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning today at (386) 337-3502 or contact us online to learn how we can help. We offer air conditioning services, dehumidifier services, and more.

What Is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a device that’s designed to remove moisture from the air, decreasing the relative humidity in your home. Several types of dehumidifiers exist, including desiccant-based systems, but the most frequently used is a compressor-based system, similar to an air conditioner. It uses an oversized evaporator to remove moisture from air that is blown over it by a fan. As the air is cooled, moisture condenses out of it, collecting on the evaporator and draining down to a condensate collector below.

What Are the Effects of High Humidity?

Ideally, the humidity inside your home should be between 40% and 50%. If it’s any higher or lower, it could affect your comfort and health, encourage the spread of disease, and impact the condition of your home. High humidity is especially troubling during the summer, and it can have several effects, including:

  • Increased discomfort on hot days – Excessive humidity in a house can cause the temperature to feel higher than it is, making you uncomfortable and forcing you to turn up the air conditioner. It also interferes with the evaporation of sweat because there is so much moisture in the air already, leaving you feeling hot, sticky, and uncomfortable.
  • Higher utility costs – As you turn up the air conditioner, you will increase the amount of electricity it uses, as well as the amount it costs on your monthly utility bills.
  • Increased pest activity – Dust mites, carpenter ants, and termites all love humid conditions, and if your home has excessive moisture in the air, these pests will thrive.
  • Damage to your home – Excessive humidity can cause wood to warp, drywall to stain, and mold to start growing, which are all potentially expensive problems to repair.

Does My Home Need a Dehumidifier?

stand alone humidifier beside couch in living room

If your air conditioner alone cannot keep your home comfortable and the indoor humidity is above 50% to 55%, a whole-home dehumidifier may be your best option. It will remove humidity from all the rooms in your home simultaneously, and it will help your air conditioner run a bit more efficiently while reducing its long-term wear and tear. If you need just a bit of help while you are sleeping or relaxing in your room, a stand-alone dehumidifier for a bedroom is another great option and may be more cost-effective than a whole-house dehumidifier.

Whole-Home Dehumidifier Installation in DeLand, FL

If your home is too hot and humid for your comfort, talk to our experts at Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning. We can evaluate your needs and recommend the best whole-house dehumidifier for your situation and budget. Our team can also provide complete installation services for your dehumidifier, ensuring reliable, energy-efficient performance.

From dehumidifier service and installation to complete heating and cooling services, you can count on Jacob Heating & Air Conditioning for all your home comfort needs. We have been serving DeLand, FL, West Volusia County, and the surrounding areas since 1921, providing top-quality service, superior workmanship, and professional results.

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